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Triumph Over Trauma: 
Course Introduction 

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Privacy Policy: We promise to protect your email address.  Thank you!

Privacy Policy: We promise to protect your email address.  Thank you!


I gained so much knowledge, support and healing when I took the Grief Recovery Method with Cricket-Olivia Forfar that I decided to continue through several more sessions with Cricket in Life Coaching. Perfectly named Self-Mastery Mentoring and Coaching Services, I found so much of what made me me by digging deep within myself.  Cricket offered knowledge, support and healing techniques that were individual for me throughout the entire time I was with her. I have such a clearer understanding of myself and why I feel and do the things I do. Only when we understand these things can we make changes for the better. I feel so much lighter, more content and motivated after having gone through this experience.  I didn't even know I was "heavier", not as "content" as I could be or less "motivated" when I first started the program.  I have a feeling of my soul being "cleaner" and am so ready to take life full-on. My wish is that everyone could experience what I have through this experience - it would certainly make for a much happier society.

Hugs and many thanks for what you do.

Nancy Graham

Coaching via Messenger or Zoom

Course Highlights:

Module 1: From Feeling Faulty to Feeling Free

This Module introduces you to the ‘how’ of where your ‘core wounding’ likely started, the survival-patterns you’ve developed, what’s really driving your behavior and how recovery and healing will be attained.

Module 2: Emotional Awareness and Fine Tuning Your Intuition

The actions you’ll take in this Module will guide you through the essential process of reconnecting with your Authentic Self, which will begin the acceleration of your recovery.

Module 3: Rewriting Your Inner Script to Heal Your Inner Child

This Module explains why you’ll need to reconnect with the wounded inner child, then takes you on the journey, by means of a detailed audio recording, to the place of reconnection and repair.

Module 4: Cultivating Conscious Awareness and Managing Your Thoughts

This next-level of introspection gently introduces you to the power of being fully Conscious and how to live from that level of awareness.  Mastering your thought process will eradicate symptoms such as; anxiety, fear, low-self-esteem, depression.

Module 5: Healing Your Emotional Heart and Creating Heart-Brain Harmony

Emotional dysregulation is one of the hallmarks of unhealed trauma, stress and grief.  This Module will teach you the skill of coming into permanent alignment with your emotional-heart and the brain, which in turn regulates and balances the bio-chemistry of the body’s systems.

Module 6: Grieving What is Gone and Healing What Still Hurts

An essential part of recovery is grieving. This process is often over-looked and/or ignored.  Grieving needs to be done in a particular way in order for you to reach completion vs. closure.

Module 7: You are the Architect of Your Life

Having excavated the unhealed emotions and feelings, releasing them and grieving them, you are now on solid ground for redesigning your life! This exciting Module takes you through a variety of ‘re-building’ techniques and methods that will create the emotionally healthy, stable life you desire!

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For the past decade, my life has been dramatically impacted by multiple traumas including physical and emotional abuse, divorce, struggles with financial difficulties as well as a profound grief from the loss of my parents and sibling.
In deep pain and personal crisis, I began counselling with Cricket and things began to shift. She is very personable with authentic compassion and amazing listening skills. Cricket is able to quickly take an issue right down to its core elements and guide me through to awareness and solutions. Her style of support is empowering, insightful and progressive.

With the clarity and insight provided, along with a useful toolbox of coping skills, I’m empowered to ‘do the work’ taking control of my thoughts, anxiety and fears. I’ve been able to calm much of the inner turmoil and find the strength to keep moving forward after very difficult times.
I’ve begun to heal the wounds, and although it’s still overwhelming and scary, I am much more confident in myself and my abilities. I’ve experienced a decrease in my anxiety and after several years of self-imposed isolation, I’ve slowly begun to expand my world again. Through expert guidance and genuine caring, Cricket has changed how I process and interact in my relationships. I am now able to face life with more trust and hope for the future.

Having experienced many counselling facilitators and modalities, I clearly recognize the value of counselling with Cricket. You can be assured of her professionalism, confidentiality and feel totally at ease discussing sensitive and painful issues in a non-judgmental safe zone.
I highly recommend Cricket to anyone suffering from past traumas or looking to find peace and joy in their relationship with self and others.

Thank You, Cricket!
Sheri C. [❤] 

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Also Available is the Grief Resolution Program:  

Unprocessed Grief Can Keep You Stuck in Life and Make You Unwell.

Do You Feel Any of the Following?



Loss of Motivation


Mood Swings

Learn How to Surf the Waves of Grief that Come and Go and Gain Traction in Your Life

Feel Healed and Whole, Maybe for the First Time in Your Life!

Gain Clarity: Unresolved Grief Will Cloud Your Perspective.

Release the Heaviness Associated With, (but not always understood as being related to), Unresolved, Heavy Emotions from Grief, Loss and Trauma.

               Learn How to Effectively Process Grief.

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Online Course Available Now!

​​​TRIUMPH OVER TRAUMA: Breaking The Spell of Your Past and Redesigning Your Life

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Grief And trauma Recovery
Self-Discovery = Recovery

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”, Carl Jung.

It’s time, now, to do your inner-work, process your losses, heal your hurt, and regain your emotional stability.

The world has changed, and you need to be emotionally stable, grounded and feeling good about yourself in order to adapt well to this new era we are evolving into!

Trauma stems from loss.  What have you lost?

Grief is a natural response to loss and is seldom recognized as the ‘root cause’ of many conditions and emotions, including; anxiety, depression, fear, apathy, stress, confusion, addictions, compulsions, plus many other behaviors/feelings/emotions/thought-patterns.

Stress is the body/mind/spirit’s way of telling you, “Something has to change, or else…..”

If left unresolved, unprocessed and ignored, you will suffer in some way.

Today is the day to begin the healing process without needing to leave your home.

The home-study course, Triumph  Over Trauma-Breaking the Spell of Your Past and Redesigning Your Life! has everything you need to recover from your losses, reclaim your emotional stability and evolve into a person who can handle whatever life brings your way!

Plus, you have me, your Personal Coach, who is available to guide you if you need to talk, have something explained, answer questions, and be your accountability partner!

On-line coaching is an option for you, either as an add-on to this highly effective program, or as a stand-alone service, or not at all.  You choose.

The good news is:  You can recover and heal.

This Course includes
7 Extensive and Powerful Recovery-based Teaching Modules which contain;

Over 5 hours of Video Teachings
Over 7.5 hours of Audio Teachings
Extensive and Detailed Transcripts for each Module which include; Assignments, Exercises and Training Tools specific for that Modules Core Teaching
A Customized Guided Meditation for Quieting a Turbulent Mind
A One of a Kind Sound Healing Therapy Treatment
A Yoga Therapy Video for Releasing Trauma in the Body

  Recover             Reclaim              Restore            Heal


Did you know that unresolved Grief and Trauma are the number one reason people become ill?  
Your biochemistry becomes affected; your entire system is compromised and overtime begins to breakdown.


What is Grief?  Grief is an appropriate, multi-faceted, emotion-based response to any form of loss, both tangible and intangible.  

What is Trauma? 
Trauma can be anything from witnessing a horrific event to being emotionally neglected as a child, the latter being the most common form of trauma and least diagnosed. The critically important aspect of trauma is the imprint the trauma leaves inside of you - that is the true trauma.  How the event/events affected you.  

Unprocessed Grief and Trauma 
will create a myriad of health issues; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, whether you remember it or not.

For example:

•  Anxiety  
•  Fear  
•  Guilt  
•  Hopelessness  
•  Helplessness  
•  Anger  
•  A sense of separation/loneliness/disconnection  
•  Innumerable chronic dis-eases, including cancer  
•  Toxic relationships and attachments  
•  Chronic low-self esteem  
•  Addictions, such as eating disorders, unhealthy thought processes, substance abuse, repetitive, harmful             patterns of behaviour.  These are only a few of the side-effects of unresolved Grief and Trauma.

Without addressing the core-wounding’s, a balanced life is not possible.

You cannot heal simply by talking about what you are experiencing/have experienced.  A multi-faceted, integrative approach is critical for deep, permanent repair, restoration, and recovery!  

A healthy mental state must be achieved, first.  This cannot be done on your own - it needs to be taught to you by a guide who has gone through the process.  Then you will be capable of internalizing, emotionalizing, and implementing these new skills.  

At SelfMastery Mentoring and Coaching Services, I specialize in helping people navigate through this in-depth healing journey by using a 'proprietary blueprint' which involves 7 Essential-Sequential Stages designed to safely take you from where you are currently, in the present moment, through to a state of emotional regulation, balance/homeostasis, which enables you to become extremely resilient to life's challenges!  

Joy returns and your life is lived from a place of inner peace vs. inner turmoil.  
Here is a brief outline of what is involved in total healing from Grief and Trauma. 

 1. A step by step process -
a clear roadmap created from almost 30 years of training, experience, and my personal           transformation.  
All the necessary, timeless tools to implement the change you need.  
 3. Strategies to support 
your mind, diet, and other lifestyle changes that are science-backed.  
 4. A personal Accountability Coach - me!
to help you course-correct as you take this amazing journey..  

Grief inducing complex post traumatic stress, specifically early emotional trauma stemming from various forms of neglect, abandonment, and abuse, affects a large segment of the population and is often misdiagnosed or not detected at all.  

Why heal?  

The value of healing is that it takes us back to a state where we were not broken or in pain. However, healing is only the first step. Transformation is the process of moving beyond the past. It is leveling up to a new way of being. Transformation moves you across the threshold of your history, your pain, and your limitations. The work I offer is not about ignoring those things. It is about meeting them with love and compassion so you can begin the joyful experience of deliberately transforming your life into one that feels like paradise.   

  Services include:  
•  Telehealth Private and/or Group Sessions  
  Access to the Private FB Group: Trauma, Anxiety & Grief Recovery with Cricket-Olivia  
  A home-study, on-line program, including Coaching sessions  
  Yoga Training for Trauma, Grief, and Stress Resolution  
  The ‘How to Think Thin and Win’ Weight and Life Management Program