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“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” ​ Mark Twain

Breaking Patterns/Habits = a Change in Behaviors = Personal Freedom

How would you like to:
Eliminate:   Anxiety, Worry  and  Fear  and  Instead  Feel Peaceful, Fulfilled  and  ‘On-Purpose’  with  Your Life?
Changing Your Life Happens Swiftly When You Use the Correct Methods and a Holistic Approach Integrating Body, Mind and Soul.

You Can Actualize Your Full Potential and Live Your Life Intentionally!

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If you don’t know how you got to where you are in life, you are destined to repeat the same mistakes. Bringing your unconscious belief patterns to conscious awareness and dis‑creating them through strategic, proven methodologies empowers you to make the permanent change you desire. Emotional Health and Wellness Coaching involves powerfully transformative strategies and methodologies for change.

As your SelfMastery Coach, I help You to:
Have you ever thought:

“Why is This Happening to Me Again?”​ or
“Why Do I Feel So Stuck, Indecisive, Frustrated, etc. in Life?”

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“Change Your Thoughts — Change Your Life.” Dr. Wayne Dyer
Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

What Do I Really Want to Do in My Life?​
How Can I Achieve My Goals and Desires?​
Why Do I Have These Recurring Thoughts and Feelings?​
How Can I Feel Happy and Fulfilled?​
Is There More to Life Than the Way I’m Currently Living?​
How Can I Make Lasting Changes Within Myself?

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You need to go beyond your current level of awarenessand understanding in order to create permanent change… your best thinking has brought you to where you are in life now!

 With a Clear ‘Vision’ of What You Truly Desire Most in Your Life!
 Understanding Some of Your Self-sabotaging, Conflicting Beliefs           and How to Manage Them.​
 Feeling Renewed, Focused and Inspired to Take Action​.
 Feeling Heard, Supported and Most of All – Understood​.

 Create a Personalized Plan of Action that Meets Your Unique and        Specific Goals – This is Essential for Your Success!​
 Facilitate Permanent Change, Which Will Create Unstoppable,              Authentic Confidence and Courage for You to Move Forward in Life. ​
 Clarify Your Life-vision, Goals, Desires, Challenges, Blocks and Self-     sabotaging Behaviour.
 Guide You in Making the Shift From Unconscious Beliefs and                 Programming to Living Life From Conscious Awareness, (Choices         are Based on What is True Rather than the Habitually Programmed     Belief System that Now Runs Your Life).
 Experience Transformative Results Quickly, Due to the Nature of           This Unique, Multi-faceted Style of Coaching.

 Take You From Where You Are Now in Life to Where You Really           Want to Go.

 Support, Guide, Provide Accountability Measures, Create                       Breakthrough Strategies and Encourage You, During the Changes       You Decide to Make.

 Turn Your Potential into anActuality.

 Guide You to a More Expanded Level of Achievement on Mental,           Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Levels.

Fear and resistance created by past programming from family, society, religion and other environmental factors, can stop us in our tracks. It is estimated that over 85% of our thoughts and beliefs are unconscious.

Beliefs can be changed by learning new skills, strategies, processes and proven methodologies. Once the belief system that underlies fear is examined, it can be released and transformed, leaving you in a state of self-empowerment.

Self-Discovery = Recovery