Your Healing Journey

Offering Divine Guidance to assist in your healing journey!
My name is Teresa De Giorgio. I am a Light Worker, Reiki Master, Medium, Spirit Channeler and Meditation Teacher.

My healing technique is unique to you and I use one or all of the above modalities to assist you in your healing.
As a child of trauma and later having suffered severe depression, these gifts came forth as I healed myself.
I have a Science Degree and was previously an Ultrasound Technologist and Career Counselor.

Since then, I have graduated from the Transformational Arts College in Toronto.
Now, my heart yearns to help others through their story to healing, and so, I left those previous careers behind.
Our bodies are incredibly intelligent.

Together we can assist your Body and Spirit to release and heal what no longer serves it.

·  Find Peace
·  Heal from Trauma
·  Release Ancestor Lineage
·  Contact Your Loved Ones

Let’s do this together!

Love and Light, Teresa.

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Phone:  416-529-6410

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Self-Discovery = Recovery

Spiritual Healer

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