Bedside Vigiling​
 Compassionate Presence​
• Client Advocacy​
Advance Care Planning​
Life Review Journaling

• Conversations about Grief, Loss and the Dying Process

• Meditation and Prayer Rituals

• Music, Reading, Crafts etc.

• Therapeutic Yoga and Breathwork (Certified Yoga Teacher)

• Aromatherapy

• Pet-Care

• Concierge Services: drop off/pick-up medications, de-clutter/re-home     items, etc.

• Care-Giver Support and Respite

• Liaison between Client and Others i.e. Funeral Home, Nursing Care

• Co-ordinating Special Gatherings

I’ll assist you with planning, preparation and support throughout your End-of-Life process. For some, the End-of-Life care options and services may need to be fast-tracked, if the pre-planning stage has become more time-sensitive.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage has been used for over 3000 years as an “organic” means to manage pain, stress, tension, boost the immune system, and balance the body energetically. It combines a unique combination of Therapeutic/Restorative Yoga and the Ancient Thai Massage technique of applying slight pressure, rhythmic motion, breathwork and gentle stretching. Working mainly with the fascia of the Body’s internal system and with the central nervous system, this practice provides the recipient with both physical and emotional/mental healing. An hour and a half of sheer bliss!

I personally recommend Patty Burgess, Founder of "Teaching Transitions and Doing Death Differently". She offers the Certified End Of Life Specialist course.  >>Click Here<< for more information.

*These courses meet and exceed the recommended standards of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) Hospice Training.

Courses, Qualifications & Credentials

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is rapidly gaining credibility as a successful method of assisting people with either chronic or acute pain. This form of yoga is provided on a one-on-one basis. Often a client is not a Yoga student, but someone who has exhausted all other avenues of mainstream healthcare and is willing to explore this highly successful system of healing. Yoga Therapy addresses the physical and mental/emotional well-being of the individual which is a holistic approach to overall health and wellness and can greatly accelerate recovery and healing.

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Additional services can be discussed.

 Workshops on Death & Dying, Grief, Loss & Post Traumatic Stress​
 Public Speaking Events and Education​
• Spiritual Self-Mastery Course – The Art of Self-Empowerment​
Life Skills Coaching​

My goal is to offer you as many services as you and your loved ones require, when you require them, as easily and affordably as possible.

Each program is unique to the individual and is

• Achievable​​
Simple in design​

If You're Interested in certifying As an End Of Life Doula: 
I love seeing Clients achieve their goals … and even surpass them! The simple fact is Yoga Heals. Doctor referrals welcomed.

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Your customized Home Practice could include the following ‘tools’:

3-5 (or more) Yoga Asanas (Yoga Postures)​
Meditation and Focused Attention Training​
Breathwork / Pranayama

The Process

A detailed Intake Consultation is Performed to Assess Your                  Immediate Needs
Goals are Identified and a Customized Home Practice is Developed      for Your Muscles and Tissues
I Take You Through Your Practice During Your Session, to Ensure        Your Understanding of What is to be Done Once You Leave Our            Session
You Leave Feeling Empowered Knowing Your Health and Well-            being are Getting the Treatment Necessary to Restore You to                Optimal Health!

Services Offered

Options-for-care you can select from, either bundling or a la carte. Fees vary depending on how many hours and services you require.

Key benefits
I can connect you to…

My Yoga Journey

I began practicing Yoga in the late 1980’s while working in the corporate world. I chose it as a way in which to manage stress. In 2006 I became a Certified Yoga Teacher, trading in my briefcase for a Yoga mat, and began teaching yoga full-time. Years of extensive training with some of the most well-known Yoga teachers such as Seane Corn, Rodney Yee and Baron Baptiste, has given me a solid and diverse understanding of this practice. I’m passionate about teaching people how to do and live Yoga in all of it’s physical and non-physical manifestations.

These can all be arranged with content geared to your needs.
Also Available

The benefits are innumerable!

 End of Life Communication-Speaking and Listening Differently *​
 Grief, Loss and Bereavement *​
• GriefShare Course-St. Pauls​
Beliefs and Fears about Dying *​
Self-Care and Managing Personal Stress *

• Clinical Care at End of Life *

• The Shock, Stabilization and Transition Phases-Level 1

• Spiritual-Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity *

• Etiquette, Ethics and Needs of the Dying *

• Advance Directives *

• Hospice Philosophy and Volunteering *

• Health Care Aide-Seneca College

• Worked in Long-Term Care

• CPR-St. John Ambulance

• Holistic Self Master Course-Holistic Learning Center

 Spiritual Psychotherapy Studies-Transformational Arts Center

My service works as an adjunct to other services such as Hospice/Palliative Care.

Together we can custom-design a care plan that gives you the greatest comfort and care now!

For a FREE 30 Minute Consultation Session, please fill out the information below.

 Family Lawyer-Wills, Power of Attorney, Estate Planning​
 Investment Planner​
• Real Estate Agent​

• Audiologist

• Optometrist

• Adaptable Clothing Provider

Privacy Policy: We promise to protect your email address.  Thank you!

 Canadian Integrative Network for Death Education and Alternatives​
 Teaching Transitions-Doing Death Differently
• Doula Givers​
Doing Death Differently

What are the benefits?

Increased Flexibility
Breath Control – Great for Cardio and for Increasing the Oxygen in      the Muscles and Tissues
Increased Focus and Mental Clarity
Increased Mobility and Range of Motion
Reduced Pain
Integrated Connection with the Body and the Mind

Self-Discovery = Recovery

End of Life Doula Service

Wherever ‘home’ is, an End of Life Doula and Educator can offer comfort-care and an array of affordable services and options to a Client that are of a non-medical, holistic nature, all geared towards making this ‘season’ of your life more meaningful, significant and peaceful. I provide both pre and post compassionate-care options to choose from and am often more accessible and flexible with access to care since this is a private practice with a limited number of clients.

 More Control Over What Specific Services You Wish as Part of Your    Care-plan
 Flexibility in Changing Your Care-plan as You See Necessary​
• No Lengthy Assessments for You to Fill Out or Long Wait-times